4 Ways to get Kids Active and Healthy

by on 27-03-2012
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4 Ways to get Kids Active and Healthy

Have you been trying to get your kids to be active and eat healthier? As parents, this is one of the hardest tasks we face. Trying to get kids to eat healthy in a world dominated by unhealthy food producers.

Learning how to be active and eat healthy starts with parents and what you do and what we eat at home. We have to lead by example when it comes to activity and healthy eating.

This is just not about loosing a few kilos. This is about our children’s health. We are suffering from so many illnesses & diseases like, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, and obesity this list is endless. Many of these diseases can be prevented through correct diet and healthy activity.

Kids need a diet full of fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy, which will support their growth and development and provide enough energy for them to enjoy energetic kids activities.

  1. Watch the quantity. Kids do not need vast quantities of food. Kids should not eat anymore than adults.
  2. Go through your refrigerator, and cupboards, clear out all the junk. You do not have to waste food and through it away – just do not buy it again. Get the kids involved. They will moan and groan at first, but they will get on board and start enjoying the healthier food. Ensure healthy snacks are available and in proper portions. Fruit, vegtables and yogurt are always good choices.
  3. Get the kids to plan the family dinners.What is the first question your kids ask when you pick them up from school or their after school kids activities? What’s for dinner? No matter what dinner is planned the kids are always moaning, groaning, and complaining. Every night it drove me crazy. Now the kids plan the family dinners within the guidelines of our eating. My rules are for Monday to Thursday:
  • Vegetables and/or salad with every dinner
  • Minimal carbohydrate: We don’t eat potato’s, pasta, bread, or rice during the week
  • No processed food :Only fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy
  • Weekends: We are allowed treats, bread, pasta rice

Make it fun! Get the kids in the kitchen helping you. Keep trying as kids grow and develop their taste buds, likes & dislikes change as well. If your kids don’t like something right now – it doesn’t mean they will not like it in the future.

4. Kids Activities - Get the kids active. Don’t know what sport or physical activity your kids will like. Alternatively, maybe you think you have tried every kid’s activity available. Browse the ActiveActivities directory where I am sure you will find an activity for your kiddies that they will enjoy.