6 reasons to change your mind about kickboxing for kids

by Annabel Taylor on 27-10-2014 Kids Health & Fitness
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6 reasons to change your mind about kickboxing for kids

Looking for something fun, challenging and a little bit out of the ordinary for your energetic kids? Children with lots of energy need kids activities that are high-impact, physically and mentally challenging. Kickboxing - although give off the impression that it can be dangerous and too violent for kids, not only are safe for children to start practicing from a young age but also have many great benefits for both young boys and girls. Need some convincing? Here are six good reasons to get your kids into kickboxing.

  1. Foster self-discipline
    Kickboxing, like most form of martial arts stresses the importance of having self discipline from the very first lesson. This will be highly beneficial to kids today, who are often accustomed to receiving instant gratification easily. Kick boxing requires regular trainings and a healthy diet, which are good habits for kids to form from a young age.

  2. Encourage non-violent conflict resolution
    Similar to other martial arts such as Karate, kickboxing do not encourage the use of violent actions to resolve problems. Instead, it teach kids to use various defensive styles to resolve problems in a tactical yet peaceful way without hurting anyone.

  3. Confidence booster
    Kickboxing provides your kids great challenges for their mind and fitness level. In return, you’ll notice a boost in their confidence level. With every new move that your kid masters in kickboxing class, they’ll feel more confident in their ability to achieve new goals in life.

  4. Varieties that guaranteed your kids won’t get bored
    We all know the extent of kids’ patience level when it comes to learning something new. There are different varieties of kickboxing - Cardio, Adithada, Muay Thaito... to suit different body types, personalities and needs. Once your kids find the style that suit them best, they’ll get more enjoyment out of their experience. Consult with professionals at one of your local Kickboxing schoolsto find the most suitable kickboxing style for your kid.

  5. Develop teamwork skills
    Kickboxing often requires practicing with a partner or trainer in order to master the moves. Kickboxing clubs are great for young kids to make new friends and practice kickboxing in a social, team orientated environment. Club members will be required to learn new moves and accomplish goals together, which is an important life lesson for young kids to learn.

  6. Learn how to respect others
    Today’s kid culture doesn’t always include respect for authority, adults or those in advanced positions. Like all other Martial Arts, kickboxing teaches children to show their instructors respect from their very first lesson. They will from then on build a close relationship with their kickboxing practice partner and Kickboxing coaches/instructors that’s based on respect and trust.

As you can see, kickboxing is far from dangerous and violent. It is a great kids activities that encourages fitness and well being, as well as personal development. To find out more about kickboxing and other related Martial Arts for kids, head over to our ActiveActivities directory for a listing of options near you.

Annabel Taylor

Before becoming a very devoted Mum of two, Annabel had a high energy career as a chef. She lives in Christchurch with her husband Mark and their daughters, who are still reaping the beneftis of her culinary skills today. Annabel loves blogging on ActiveActivities, where she can share her passions and ideass for bringing up healthy kids.