Astronomy Will Stretch Your Kid’s Imagination

by on 27-02-2013 Kids Hobbies
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Astronomy Will Stretch Your Kid’s Imagination

My 9-year-old daughter hates Science. She moans it's too hard that almost everything that her teacher says doesn't have anything to do with human beings. She often asks me, “Why can’t we just get rid of it? I don’t seem to learn anything from it anyway!” Yes, it is a complex subject indeed. But how can I tell her that learning it is inevitable since it is part of the academic curriculum? My husband often tells me that most kids are visual learners and that this might be the key to boost my daughter’s interest in Science. True enough, when she had her Astronomy subject in fifth grade, she began to appreciate Science as a way of understanding the universe.

Here are the reasons:

  • It provides a picture on how the Earth works within the solar system.
  • It explores space from its tiny specks of dust to its huge cluster of stars.
  • Astronomy shows the life cycle of stars.
  • It gives a glimpse on how the universe was formed.
  • It points out similarities and differences among planets.
  • It shows where our own planet is located.
  • It allows everyone to be observers of the connection between nature and the outer space.

Now, my daughter loves the subject especially when it involves Astronomy. She brags, “Science is not that difficult once you know how the world and the universe work.” She even gets excited whenever her teacher allows her to bring home her pretend telescope so she could take a look at the starry skies at night. Astronomy Classes & Lessons are definitely one of the highly-recommended courses for your children and it provides other excellent activities for kids like star gazing.

Astronomy is important in our lives because it allows us to dig deeper into the origins of life on Earth and beyond. It makes you think that what if life is also possible on other planets now that some elements and other chemicals that are found on Earth, are also found in them?

Surely, studying Astronomy is not one of your typical kids activities, but many people find it very useful because it familiarizes them on how our planet, the stars and other celestial bodies have evolved over the years. Sun affects the climate but little did we know that even the sun is changing. Furthermore, by studying and analyzing the movement of heavenly bodies, we get to monitor and lessen the danger of those that could hit our planet. Learning Science and Astronomy  is fun and educational! Check out the Activeactivities directory to find other astronomical ideas in your local area.

Have Fun Kids!