Athletic Ability in Kids Activities

by on 29-11-2012 Kids Health & Fitness
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Athletic Ability in Kids Activities

If your kids like to watch sport or news, they may be starting to ask quite a lot of questions about "drugs" in sport. Especially after the Lance Armstrong debacle. Perhaps your kids are asking what are "Steroids"? Mum?

It's almost a given these days - if an athlete looks fit and is doing well - the unspoken question is... I wonder.... are they fit and healthy from hard work? Or perhaps they have taken a less unorthodox route? Its a shame as I do believe there are many high profile athletes that are still great role models for our kids.

We need to be telling our children that drugs are bad  and that its cheating- it doesn't matter what type of drugs - they are just not good for you. Sure these drugs might give an athlete an unfair competition advantage in the short term , but long term these guys will encounter serious health issues. Kids know cheating is wrong and that is all taking drugs is. Its cheating to win.

Next time your precious aspiring athlete or Olympian asks what they can do to excel in their chosen kids activity? The answer is simple, to be fitter, faster, stronger and better you need too:

  • Eat healthy
  • Train really hard
  • Get lots of sleep
  • Listen to your body - if it hurts take it easy for a few days
  • Set realistic goals
  • Listen to your coaches and parents
  • Remember there are no short cuts - only hard work

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Remember Have Fun kids