How to stay indoor, have fun & keep active

by on 14-04-2014 Kids Health & Fitness
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How to stay indoor, have fun & keep active

Stuck for ideas on kids activities when the weather is bad? Or perhaps the season for your kid’s sport teams has just finished and you are seeking an alternative way for them to continue to keep in shape? In addition to the advantages of not having to worry about weather conditions, indoor sports also provide many other benefits over an outdoor environment. Conditions of indoor sport venues are usually more controlled and cleaner, making it safer for young kids. Here are our top five recommended indoor sports to keep your kids busy.

  1. Indoor rock climbing
    Rock climbing is not just for the extreme sports enthusiasts. Indoor rock climbing takes place in a safe and controlled environment with well trained staff that makes it safe for even kids under twelve. It is also a good opportunity for kids to learn and develop skills of communication, trust and confidence. For those with kids under twelve, you will most likely be asked by instructor to stay and belay (hold the ropes) for safety reasons.

  2. Indoor soccer
    Indoor soccer offers a nice change of scenery and pace to traditional outdoor soccer. if your kid already plays soccer, indoor soccer is a great way to get in extra training during the off-season period, especially during the days when weather is not ideal. Indoor soccer is a lot more fast pace than paying outdoor, which helps to improve overall fitness level, develop short bursts of speed, power and endurance.

  3. Indoor volleyball
    Playing beach volleyball expose your kids to the sun for a long period of time. Without the proper sun care protection, kids can easily feel dehydrated and worn out. If your kid enjoys the excitement of beach volley but is prone to sun burn then indoor volleyball is a great alternative solution. Indoor volleyball helps to improve overall muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, reflexes and balance, all within a controlled environment and without getting sand in their shoes!

  4. Indoor netball
    Indoor netball is now as commonly play amongst mixed teams as with all girls team. Indoor netball share similar rules to traditional netball - no travelling with the ball and players must keep three feet from your opponent. The only exception being that you kids will get an even greater physical workout, as indoor netball is much more fast pace than traditional netball.

  5. Indoor cricket
    Indoor cricket may not sound as exciting as outdoor cricket but your kids will enjoy the many challenges that comes with indoor cricket. For starters, scoring in indoor cricket is more complex in that players can score physical and bonus runs. The former are runs scored by the batsmen as in outdoor cricket and the latter scored by the ball hitting the nets in certain spots. There are also less team members involved - usually only six to eight members, which will help to improve your kid’s team building skills.

There is no excuse now to put sports on hold when the weather is not ideal. Your kids will now be able to keep active all year round! Browse through our ActiveActivities directory for more great ideas.