IT’S OFFICIAL: The Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activities Awards Are Now Out!

by Virginia O'Neill on 17-02-2016
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IT’S OFFICIAL: The Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activities Awards Are Now Out!

Kids all over the world are busy developing their skills, staying fit and having fun.

No matter where you are in New Zealand, click over to our Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activities to find out what families just like you are doing with their time and hard-earned money. NOTE: Find your home suburb, region or state using the menu on the left hand side.

We’ve used the 2015 activity of our ActiveActivities clients to generate the final list of the Top 25 Most Popular kids activities for parents just like you.

These interactions include viewing, saving, reviewing, rating, emailing and calling the kids activities listed on our website during the year.

If your suburb (i.e Devonport) does not have a Top 25 listing, your broader region (i.e Northern Beaches) and city (i.e Auckland) will so don’t give up your search.

We hope you enjoy checking out your local Top 25. We look forward to compiling this interesting data again throughout 2016 to release a new list for next year and beyond.

For more information on why and how we calculate these lists, please read our Top 25 FAQs here.




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