It’s time to shake off that boring, old library image

by Annabel Taylor on 23-11-2014 Kids Hobbies
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It’s time to shake off that boring, old library image

When was the last time you took your kids to the library? If your kids are anything like mine, a trip to the library definitely wouldn’t rate highly on their weekend list of places to go. I must admit that I often find there’s no need to go to a library anymore since finding information on the Internet is such a piece of cake. However, there is a certain charm about libraries that fascinate kids - a place where most kids read about dinosaurs, fairies and ancient history for the first time. It’s time to give the boring, old library image a make-over and make it fun again for your family and kids.

  1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt
    A Library Scavenger Hunt will give your kids a reason to explore your local library with new eyes. Use a bit of creativity to help your kids explore all the different services and resources that libraries have to offer. Come up with fun rhymes and clues for book titles and authors that may interests your kids. Also use this activity as an opportunity for your kids to explore different parts of the library - the kids reading corner, audio books section, computer room and a chance to get to know the local library staff.

  2. Join a club
    Every local library run regular social kids activities with the aim to educate, bring a group of kids together and have fun. If your kids are not the sporty and outdoor types, joining one of the social clubs run by local libraries could be a good way for them to step out of their comfort zone and meet other kids of their own age who share similar interests. Last week, my kids were delighted to find out our local library started a new Astronomy club. After the first club gathering, they’ve been fixated on getting their hands on any books and online materials on stars and planets.

  3. Books to movie adaptations
    So your kids love movies and animations but would not go 10 feet to a pile of books? Here’s an easy solution - look for books that have been or about to be turn into films. You’ll be surprised to find that a large number of popular films amongst young kids today originated from books - Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, just to name a few.

  4. Discover favourite genre and author
    I remember growing up, I never took much of an interest in reading until the day I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It was my uncle’s favourite book and he gave me his copy for my 10th birthday and I’ve read it countless times ever since. Your kids are not going to like every book that you recommend for them but you can help them to appreciate the world of literature by introducing them to genres and authors that they may not have discovered before. Some kids can be put off by thick books; in which case, introduce them to graphic novels with pictures to help bring stories to life.

  5. Enter a reading program/ competition
    One way to help your kids discover books across different genres is to encourage them to enter a reading program/competition. Books for reading program are carefully selected based on their educational values and themes that would appeal to young readers. Your kids will enjoy the challenge of reading the assigned books by the nominated deadline as well as being able to reflect and communicate their interpretations of the books.

  6. Visit different branches
    As mentioned earlier, the selection of books, services and kids activities tends to vary across different library branches. Think about the needs and interests of you and your kids - for example, if it’s important for you to have your own time while your kids dig their heads into books, look for a library branch that have a cafe inside or a designated parent corner.

Apart from the local libraries, many outdoor space - beaches and parks, would also make great reading spots. Our ActiveActivities directory have many great outdoor suggestions for you and your family to discover and venture into outdoor reading.

Annabel Taylor

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