Kids activities: Kids will be more active with their friends.

by on 01-06-2012 Kids Health & Fitness
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Kids activities: Kids will be more active with their friends.

Hanging out with your mates as a kid is always fun. Although as a parent one of the things that drives me nuts is my kids being with their mates and just wanting to watch television or play some silly computer games.  What is the point of being with your friends if you are just going to stare at a square box the whole time? Unfortunately, from what I see and hear this is what happens these days during the "play date".  I imagine its probably just easier for a lot of  parents to have kids contained in front of a box.

Playing with your mates, the freedom of just hanging out doing lots of kids activities, kicking a ball, playing cricket or dolls, skipping and hopscotch.  It is what kids  are designed to do. Or should do. Kids are not built to sit and stare at nonsense all day. I think the parents of bygone eras thought that playing was just playing only fun nothing else.  However Pediatrics has released a new study with the findings that kids who interact with active friends are more likely to exercise themselves. Could this be a positive effect,  albeit ,  unconscious effect of " Peer Pressure"?

With the horrific statists today of kids obesity anything that will get kids off the couch, away from the screens and out in the fresh air being active is helpful. If you don't have a back garden were the kids can play and run around. Visit the ActiveActivities directory for lots of fun Outdoor & Adventure Activities for Kids. With lots of your local kids activities being free activities for kids.

Parents if your kids are spending just a bit too much time on the couch. Then encourage your kids to invite their friends over that are just a bit more active than yours.

Have Fun Kids