Self-defence is more than just Karate kicks

by Annabel Taylor on 15-08-2014 Kids Safety
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Self-defence is more than just Karate kicks

Self-defence is more than karate kicks and beating your opponents to the ground. Self-defence teaches your kids the right methods to protect themselves in tough situations - whether it’s bullying at school or being follow by a stranger on the way home from school. Apart from the obvious solution of enrolling your kids in self-defence classes, we have some practical tips that you can start passing onto your kids today!

  1. De-escalating a bad situation
    Teach your kids to try and stay calm during bad situations. If they panic, starts screaming or crying, it will most likely make the situation worse, as it’ll stress out the attacker and trigger them to take harmful actions. A proven de-escalating technique is to just give the attacker what they’ve requested for - whether it’s money or mobile phone, instead of putting up a fight. Once they have what they want, your kids will most likely be let go without any harm done to them.

  2. Take a Self-Defence class
    A good Self-defence class can teach your kids how to size up a situation and decide what they should do in dangerous situations. In addition to learning special techniques for breaking an attacker’s grasp and how to escape, the most important lesson they’ll learn is self-confidence. Look up self-defense classes at your local YMCA as well as our self-defence and Karate lessons directory.

  3. Learn to trust their instincts
    If your kids get an uneasy feeling around someone, chances are that person may turn out to be a shifty character that’s up to no good so it is important to teach them to always trust their gut feeling and own judgment. Advise your kids not to get into elevator, public transports and places where someone gives them a bad vibe that they may be harmful. Advise them to calmly distant themselves away from the person and call for help if necessary.

  4. Reduce risks
    There are a lot of everyday tips you’re able to pass onto your kids that will one day save their lives. A lot of the time, it is just common sense. Teach your kids to understand their surroundings and become familiar with the routes they take to walk to and from school and the places where they hang out with their friends. If your children are going out by themselves, suggests that it’s always better for them to travel in group. Always ensure that your kids let you know who and where they are going before heading out and ensure that they carry a mobile phone with them in case of emergecny.

  5. Use confident body language
    Having a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence can go a long way in preventing bullying and attackers from hurting you. Teach your kids good posture, how to walk with confidence and how to exude confidence to others. If your children slouch constantly and always keep their eyes averted, all these body languages will make them an easy target.

In addition to the above suggestions, there are a lot of activities for kids that can help to build your their confidence level and get them in shape to protect themselves if the situation requires for them to do so. Talk to other parents and counsellors at school to get their advice and look through our ActiveActivities directory for more ideas.

Annabel Taylor

Before becoming a very devoted Mum of two, Annabel had a high energy career as a chef. She lives in Christchurch with her husband Mark and their daughters, who are still reaping the beneftis of her culinary skills today. Annabel loves blogging on ActiveActivities, where she can share her passions and ideass for bringing up healthy kids.