So You Think Your Kid Can Dance?

by Annabel Taylor on 21-03-2014 Kids Performing Arts
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So You Think Your Kid Can Dance?

With the popularity of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, it appears that dancing is having a big comeback, particularly as a fitness alternative to playing sports. Learning to dance from a young age provide many benefits to kids. Dancing not only improve physical health and promote social interaction, it also help young kids to stay discipline and focus. Most of all, dancing has been found as a great way to improve self-esteem as it teaches kids to become more comfortable in their own skin and helps to boost their confidence level.

For your kid to get the most out of their dance lessons, it is important to help them pick something suits their physical built and personal interests. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

  1. Ballroom Dancing
    Remember Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom? Ballroom Dancing is made up of specific dance forms that will be well suited for kids that needs more direction and guidance, rather than freestyle dancing. Ballroom dancing require a lot of partner work so it is also a dance style that may interests the social bees. Your kid will also have a chance to go into competitive ballroom dancing later down the track.

  2. Contemporary Dancing
    Contemporary dancing is essentially a modern twist on classical dance moves. It allow kids a lot of creative freedown for improvisation and self exploration. This dance style is upbeat and free flowing and would be well suited for kids that enjoy dancing on a social level and choreographing dance moves

  3. Street Dance & Hip Hop
    Hip Hop is a street dance style that originated in the 1970s. It is strongly affiliated with popular culture and due to its ‘cool’ factor, has always been very popular amongst young kids. Street dance and Hip Hop is a very sociable, funky and free flowing dance style. It would particularly suit those that enjoy improvising dance moves and dancing in a more relaxed and loose form while blending dancing with their love for popular music and culture.

  4. Jazz
    All modern Jazz dance styles include trances of the African American vernacular dance as well as traditional Caribbean dance. It has a good balance of creative freedom, while maintaining strict lines. If your kid is very expressive, they’ll enjoy using their emotions and moods to design their own Jazz steps and routines.

  5. Ballet
    In comparison to the dance styles mentioned before, Ballet is more physically demanding. Under the right guidance, ballet improve strength in the muscle, improve flexibility and general fitness level. Ballet dancers also develop excellent standing posture and gracefulness over time. Ballet is popular amongst the ‘girly girls’ but also boys that enjoy the physical challenge that it brings

  6. Folk Dancing
    Folk Dancing normally involves a lot of fancy footwork - think Irish dancing! The dance movements involves a lot of moving your body from the hips down while keeping up to the beat of the music. It is an interesting way for your kid to learn something new, keep fit and learn about the dance steps of a different culture

Now that you’re convinced learning to dance is a great activities for kids, it is time to book your kids their first dancing lesson! Still haven’t found the right dance style for your kid? Look through our ActiveActivities directory directory for more ideas on different dance classes for kids.

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