The Patience Game

by Annabel Taylor on 13-04-2015 Kids Education
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The Patience Game

Do you sometimes struggle to get the attention of your kids for even five minutes? If you think you’ve tried every trick in your book and it hasn’t helped you one bit, nagging them further about it certainly won’t help. Children tend to display more patience towards activities that they can satisfaction from, whether it’s eating the cake they’ve baked or wearing a necklace they’ve made. Below are 5 kids activities that can help to encourage your kids to be more patient, starting from today!

  1. Baking
    Whether it is carefully measuring each ingredients, following the step-by-step instructions or keeping an eye on the oven heat, baking is one cooking activity that will be sure to test your kid’s patience level. As impatient as my kids can be at times, they don’t mind waiting patiently around the oven to see the result of their creation

  2. Sports
    Perfecting your skills in any sports takes time and discipline. Encouraging your kids to sign up to team sports or getting them to commit to a form of sports is a great way to teach your kids discipline and patience from a young age. Sports such as Karate and Aikido are particularly great for nurturing patience in kids, as they require a certain skill level to be reach before proceeding onto the next stage which require the investment of time and patience from your kids!

  3. Craft
    Most Craft activities requires not only creativity but a great deal of patience. If it’s hard to get your kid to sit still for even five minutes, perhaps you’ll have more luck getting them to make something fun such as a party mask or a robot out of cardboard boxes. Children likes to see their creation come to life so with craft activities such as Candle Making, they’ll enjoy the process so much that they won’t even realise the amount of time they’ve spent on it.

  4. Music
    Nothing puts patience into your kids like learning a musical instrument. Hours of practice to perfect each note can be both agonising but also extremely rewarding to kids. With so many musical instruments to choose from: Piano, Drums, Trambone along with many other listed on our ActiveActivities directory there is sure to be something that would interest your kid.

  5. Language & Culture
    Learning about the language and culture of others is not only a great way to broaden your kid’s knowledge about the world, it’s also a great way to teach them to display patience for others. Encourage your kids to make friends from different cultural backgrounds - learn about what kind of food, music, games they like. Over time, your kids will learn to display patience in taking the time to understand other people’s differences.

Annabel Taylor

Before becoming a very devoted Mum of two, Annabel had a high energy career as a chef. She lives in Christchurch with her husband Mark and their daughters, who are still reaping the beneftis of her culinary skills today. Annabel loves blogging on ActiveActivities, where she can share her passions and ideass for bringing up healthy kids.