Trampolines for kids with Special Needs

by on 16-10-2012 Kids Health & Fitness
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Trampolines for kids with Special Needs

I have a friend with a om who was born with autism. Children with special needs like him require special attention. Their condition affects their normal development in many aspects including physical, emotional, social, and mental development. Despite his condition, I know that he can still grow up as a normal child.What worried me most was his physical development. There are few activities for kids that he feels comfortable joining in with. I seldom let him out because it might be too dangerous. I am too protective I admit. After researching, attending forums, and seeking help from professionals, I found out a great way to help my son get the physical exercise he needs while having fun at the same time – trampolines.

My son’s therapist suggested Rebound Therapy, as a great kids activity for him. This helps develop balance, and leg strength by jumping on a trampoline and need I say provides hours of fun. I bought a mini trampoline for him and placed it in our backgarden. It is perfect because children with autism prefer to be alone most of the time. He can jump on it all he wants. He gets exercise, fresh air, sunlight, and enjoyment. Trampolines as a kids activity successfully meet the needs and capabilities of special needs children. Based on my son’s own development, here are the benefits that I could see special needs children can get from trampoline therapy. 

  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Increases the capacity of heart and lungs
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances digestion
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Muscle tone
  • Stamina
  • Improves body awareness and spatial awareness
  • Provides fun and enjoyment
  • Remember fun, fun, fun

The mini trampoline I bought my son has bars on the sides so he can hold on it while jumping. When he grows a little older maybe I can buy him a bigger trampoline and may one day a trampoline without any bars at all  For children with autism or other special needs situations with sensory processing disorder, bouncing on a trampoline can have a regulating effect. The physical transformations on my son are absolutely amazing, and his whole wellbeing has also improved. Just don’t forget that adult supervision is very necessary. I also suggest that you buy a trampoline with a safety net.

Trampolines for special needs children like my son  are a great way for them to have fun whilst  improving their lives. Trampolines are great not only for kids with special needs, but for everyone!

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