Turn back the time & bring back the classic games

by on 30-05-2014 Kids Play
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Turn back the time & bring back the classic games

If you don’t want your kids to grow up knowing more than just how to swipe the screens from right to left on an iPad, then it’s time to introduce them to some good old fashion games that you used to play as kids. You’ll be amaze that most of these games often require only inexpensive or household items. We’ve compiled 8 of our favourite childhood games to help keep your kids busy this weekend.

  1. Hide and Seek
    Most kids enjoy the process of finding and hiding things. It is one of those classic children games that everyone has played during their childhood. The best part of Hide and Seek is that you can play with your kids at your backyard or at any outdoor space - all you need is at least three players and good hiding spots!

  2. Pass the Parcel
    Got a kid’s party coming up? Pass the Parcel makes a great kids party games! Prepare a few gift wrapped parcels with small prizes such as books, chocolates, toy trains.... Arrange for all the children to sit in a circle and start playing music. Each time the music stops, the child holding parcel unwraps a layer. Continue to pass on the parcel until all layers of the gift wrapped parcel are gone.

  3. Suitcase Rummage
    Prepare a suitcase full of fancy dress, costumes and fun accessories and your kids are ready to have a day of fun dress ups. Divide group of children into two teams and put them against a time limit for each dress up rounds. To make it more fun, allocate themes to each rounds - Tropical Hawaiian, Jungle, Disney characters....

  4. Egg Relay
    All you’ll need to prepare for this game are spoons and plenty of eggs! Give an egg to each team and have kids race one by one to a marked location and back with the egg on the spoon. First team to finish racing with all the eggs wins. If you are planning this as an indoor race, consider making it boiled eggs to avoid messy clean up afterwards. After the race, have the kids gather up all the eggs and give them some paint and craft materials and start creating some fun egg art.

  5. Marco Polo
    This is one of my favourite games to play with the kids in our backyard pool. If you have a large group of kids, Marco Polo would be a fun group activity to play at the local swimming pools. This variation of the traditional tag game involves whoever that has been tagged yelling out “Marco!” and all other players responding with “Polo!”. Once you’re tagged - you’re ‘It’!

  6. Musical Chairs
    If you have a small group of active kids, Musical Chairs is a great game to play to keep them on their toes. To get started, arrange a few chairs and some fun tunes. Have players circle around the chairs as the music plays and sit down on the nearest chair as soon as the music stops. To make the game more fun, think of a punishment for the last person remaining without a chair, such as counting the alphabets backwards from Z all the way back to A.

  7. Jump-Rope
    I remember as a kid, I loved spending lunch and after school hours jumping rope with my friends. Think of it as Rope Skipping but more fun because you’re jumping with your friends using a long rope, while singing along to jump-rope rhymes.

  8. Simon Says
    Last but not least, Simon Says is a classic children’s game that can be played anywhere. It involves one person taking on the role of Simon and starts the game by stating Simon says to do a certain action. For example, “Simon says, name 10 fruits that starts with the letter A”. The last person remaining wins and will then take on the role of Simon for the next round.

I hope this list has provided you with some inspirational kids activities that are simple, easy and fun. Feeling inspired to think of fun kids games of your own? Take a look at our ActiveActivities directory for ideas.