WHANGAREI'S TOP 25 for Healthy, Happy & Resilient Kids

by The ActiveActivities Team on 30-03-2016 Kids Health & Fitness
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WHANGAREI'S TOP 25 for Healthy, Happy & Resilient Kids

WHANGAREI. Check out your Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activities here.

If you’re like most parents on the Whangarei, you want your child to be healthy, happy and resilient to life’s challenges. Research shows that keeping your child active with activities they enjoy each week is a large contributing factor to success in this domain.

Read on below to find out why. Then, click over to our Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activities List to find out how parents in your area are choosing to keep their kids active. NOTE: Whangarei is a big place so find your home region or suburb using the navigation menu on the left hand side.

1. Good Health & Wellbeing 

Levels of childhood obesity have been rising in recent decades, partly due to an increase in the intake of processed and sugary foods and a reduction in the amount of time spent moving. Keeping your kids physically active with sports, dance, martial arts or other active activities supporting good health, fitness and optimal wellbeing.

2. Skill Development 

Kids who develop a skill that they love - such as a sport, musical instrument or any of the performing arts - can access a type of experience that positive            psychologists term the “flow state.” It helps them produce happy brain chemistry, build a strong self-identity and supports the development of resilience              over time.

3. Community

Taking part in active activities outside of the home is an important way for kids to connect with the wider community. Exploring interests and value                     systems through scouts, swimming clubs or music groups builds resilience as they develop another place of belonging around a skill they love or                       interest they value.

4. Confidence & Self-Esteem

Developing skills, making friends, keeping fit and building a strong sense of self are all factors that fuel the development of confidence and self-esteem.           Confidence and self-esteem helps kids to look for new opportunities and take advantage of them when they arise. Without them, kids will often shy                   away from positive experiences and valuable opportunities to live a full life.         

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To calculate the Top 25 Most Popular Activities list, we’ve used the 2015 activity of our ActiveActivities clients. These interactions include viewing, saving, reviewing, rating, emailing and calling the kids activities listed on our website during the year.

If your suburb does not have a Top 25 listing, your broader region and/or your city will, so don’t give up your search too quickly!

We hope you enjoy checking out your local Top 25. We look forward to compiling this interesting data again throughout 2016 to release a new list for next year and beyond.

For more information on why and how we calculate these lists, please read our Top 25 FAQs here.