Couch Potato Kids

by on 01-12-2011
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Couch Potato Kids

Who wants a Couch Potato for a kid? Top five tips to avoid kid’s activities: Make sure you always have electronic equipment handy in every room. TV’s, computers, Play Stations, the more the better. That way your child will not have to move too much to entertain itself.

  • Ensure the fridge and cupboard is stocked full at all times with lots of yummy but extremely unhealthy snacks.
  • Never encourage your kids to run outside and play
  • Never take your kids to  Aquatic Centres or Sports Fields
  • Do not let your kids to do any sport on the weekend. After all It is too time consuming for us. You say, “You are just not a sporty kid! Find a kids activity you can do! Sports just not your thing”. Now how would a child know what they are and are not good at if they have not been encouraged to try different sports and activities?

Does this all-sound familiar?  In our hectic lives, it is so easy for us to let the kids sit in front of the TV or computer any electronic equipment really. After all, the kids are always amazing good when they are staring at a square box. It allows us to have so much more free time to do what is important - for us! Now I am sure we would not intentionally turn our kids into couch Potato’s but it can happen so easily without us realising what is happening. Be sure your family does not fall into this trap. Get the kids out and encourage them into a sport or kids activity. It doesn’t matter what it is, the importance is too: Get your kids active today – try some of the activities in the ActiveActivities directory. Have fun Kids!