School results decrease in Kids that are not active.

by Virginia O'Neill on 17-12-2011
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School results decrease in Kids that are not active.

A study in the US has revealed that overweight students that lack activity also suffer in the classroom.

The study found that overweight or obese children demonstrated significantly more detentions, worsened school attendance, more tardiness to school, and less participation on school athletic teams than their non-overweight peers did. The study states” Our study suggests that body mass is an important indicator of scholastic achievement, attendance, behaviour, and physical fitness among school students, reiterating the need for healthy lifestyle intervention and prevention measures”.

We all know that we need to be active, but we seem to think because kids are immune from all negatives of an unhealthy lifestyle. We are role models for our children and our children’s, children.

It is our responsibility to set standards to keep our kids active, so that they can be alert at school and healthy.

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Have fun Kids!

Virginia O'Neill

Virginia is a busy working mother to two energetic school-aged children. With the help of her supportive husband, Virginia successfully juggles the dual roles of career woman and loving mother. Virginia is particularly passionate about health and fitness, and is always looking for new ways to keep her children happy, healthy and active. Virginia lives in Sydney and is a veteran blogger of almost 5 years.