Photography – Should I Buy an Expensive Camera For my Kids?

by Whakatane Town Association Football Club (INC) on 07-12-2012 Kids Hobbies
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Photography – Should I Buy an Expensive Camera For my Kids?

Photography classes & lessons at school. Of course this is fabulous and I totally support the schools teaching kids these hobbies and art forms. I still remember those huge cameras that photographers used during the 80s and 90s and still have some today...somewhere. But nobody uses these anymore. The development of modern technology has brought many changes. Surely, it has made many mundane tasks easier and quicker but machines and technology cannot do everything. We still do need skills ourselves.  As an ongoing kids activity, helping kids choose a hobby is something that all of us should try to do. 

Laptops, mobile phones, Tablets all connected to the Internet and are a great way to narrow down a vast range of information and are of course very useful in our lives today. However, not all of us can afford these expensive items, or indeed even want to buy these expensive, electronic and digital items especially when it comes to kids activities. If you follow my blogs at all you would know by now that I am passionate that kids develop themselves as much as possible without the help of electronic gadgets.

It seems photography classes & lessons at the "In thing" at the moment. Hence , the kids of the "technology era" today  believe that having expensive Digital and SLR cameras will help them produce quality pictures. 

Having attended various seminars and  photography classes and lessons, according to experts, not everything is as it seems. Though owning a high-class camera is a plus, it does not guarantee you quality photos. In fact, learning the basics of Photography and possessing a keen eye for a good subject is what counts. Many people own advanced Digital and SLR cameras but they do not even have the slightest idea how to use them. Help your kids familiarize themselves with what determines a great photo. Look and analyze how photographers take images of their subjects under the light and dark elements of nature. Taking photography classes & Lessons might just be your Childs chosen kids activities. The more the kids are exposed to different pictures, the more they will be able to recognize good photos. Instead of purchasing expensive, technical cameras, use a simple one in learning basic techniques in Photography. Remember camera's and kids are not always a great combination. How many times do you think a camera can bounce?  I am also sure there is more than 1 camera sitting in lost property somewhere.

For details of kids hobbies and photography classes & lessons in your local area visit the ActiveActivities Directory.