Theme Parks for Kids

A roller coaster will delight your little daredevil! A roller coaster will delight your little daredevil!

You won't have trouble convincing your children to visit a theme park! Common themes include water sports, adventure rides, cartoon characters, and movie studios. There are a number of theme parks that provide popular attractions in New Zealand.

Information on theme parks for kids in new zealand

Is a theme park suitable for your family?

As well as being a fun family activity, many theme parks actually have an educational or informative element. Some parks are based around physical activity (for example, water parks) and can provide a great opportunity for the whole family to get some exercise and fresh air.

The main reason for a theme parks visit is to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment. Most theme parks have a variety of rides and attractions suited to different age groups, and some offer additional games and activities for kids.

Most theme parks have a selection of rides that are suitable for very young toddlers and children (although they may not be suitable for babies), with more thrilling rides aimed at older children and adults. Adventure type theme parks are best suited to bolder children who are not easily frightened, while more sensitive children might prefer a quieter setting or a more nature based theme.

Most parks have catering and toilet facilities and souvenir or toy shops.

Getting ready to visit a theme park

The Rainbow's End, in Aukland, is New Zealand's largest theme park, but most major cities have their own theme parks that are just as good. Admission to a large theme park can be on the expensive side, but discounts may be available for families or season ticket holders. Visiting out of season is an option for parents looking to pay less. Often pre-booking tickets online can get you a discount of around 10%.

If you are planning a visit to a theme park, here are some suggestions:

  • It is best to arrive early during school holidays to avoid long queues.
  • Remember sunscreen and hats if the park is outdoors
  • Wear flat, closed toed shoes if you're planning to go on rides
  • Bring your own swimwear and towel to a water park - they can be bought on site, but this is an expensive option
  • Be aware that you usually can't bring outside food or drinks into the park

Most theme parks in New Zealand are open all year round although some may be closed on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. It is advisable to check first if you are planning to go on a public holiday to avoid disappointment.

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