Cafes with kids play areas

Groups of families gathered at a cafe for a show Groups of families gathered at a cafe for a show

It is often hard for parents to bring their kids to cafes and restaurants that are not kid-friendly. Thanks to trendy cafes that now have an area designated for your children- from toddlers to adolescents- they now have an area to play in and interact with other children. These areas are specially designed to be 100% safe and fun for all sorts of kids in New Zealand. Staying in play areas ensure that your kids enjoy playing and meeting new friends!

  • Category: Play
  • Approximate age to start going to cafes with kids play areas: 2
  • Approximate price: $25
  • This activity comprises of: Playing, art activities, craft activities
  • Best period of the year: Any time
  • Most appropriate region: Any where
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Information on Cafes with kids areas

Are cafes with kids play areas for your children?

Are you concerned about the safety of your children when they play outside? A safer alternative would be to bring them to child-friendly cafes, play centres, playgrounds, and family cafes with kids play areas. These cafes with kids play areas enable you to enjoy a meal with the whole family or with your friends, knowing that your children are just a few metres away from you.

They will also get to interact with other children like toddlers and adolescents that are with their own families- your kids can make new friends while enjoying their new play area! New Zealand has an abundance of venues with play venues. Playgrounds are common party venues for your kids to enjoy a number of activities; however, not all parents have the time to bring their children to playgrounds to let them have fun and explore.

This is why establishments have made clever ways to integrate play centres and playhouses into their establishments through cafes with kids play areas. Examples of these are shopping centres with kids play areas, food courts with kids play areas, cafes with kids play areas, coffee shops with kids play areas, and restaurants with indoor play areas.

What are the advantages of bringing your children to cafes with kids play areas or indoor venues with playgrounds? Here are the reasons these play centres can benefit you and your toddler:

  • Child-safe and child-friendly – These areas are the best places for your kids to play in since it is safe for them. They can interact with fellow children while also making new friends.
  • A great venue to bring the whole family – cafes with kids play areas and shopping centres are great play venues for kids activities. While you are shopping, there are secure playgrounds that your children can stay at while you run some errands or do some quick shopping.
  • Interaction – Letting your toddler interact with fellow children in cafes with kids play areas will boost their social skills and help build their confidence.
  • Designed for children – these venues are designed to be safe for kids play and are capable of withstanding rough play from energetic children.
  • Entertainment – aside from the typical slide and playground activities for kids, cafes with kids play ares have a variety of safe toys that can boost your child’s creativity and physical fitness.
  • Dining – Most family restaurants and family cafes have indoor kids play areas where your kids can stay and play while you and your family can enjoy a great meal.

Get your kids to enjoy cafes with kids play areas!

Will your kids appreciate the idea of indoor play centres or cafes with kids play areas? Newer indoor play venues are more well thought out, especially in terms of better activities provided for kids and better equipment. These cafes with kids play areas, play centres and playgrounds are designed to develop a variety of your children’s skills while making it a safe place for them to interact with other children and enjoy many activities.

There are usually no fees needed to let your children enjoy these play venues. Public places such as shopping centres and playgrounds don’t charge for the use of their kids play venues, while some establishments may charge you- such as independent play centre. Cafes with kids play areas, restaurants with indoor play areas, and coffee shops with kids play areas will not charge you if you let your children play as long as you dine or purchase coffee and pastries from them.

Family restaurants also have kids party venues where you can hold your toddler’s birthday party and let your guests’ children play after the programs. For a list of cafes with kids play areas or more kids activities in New Zealand that your children can enjoy, check out our ActiveActivities directory for a play centre near your home!