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Strikeforce Gym


The Strikeforce Gym is professional and a good one too. They offer a variety of things in their lessons, and are a great way to stay in shape or whether if you're learning to fight. Personally, they have given me more confidence, and have taught me to not give up. They are kind but tough on their students especially kids, which makes the saying "tough love" to describe what they are like. I definitely recommend this gym if your interested in giving your child something fun to do, while they learn to fight and become more confident.

Other combat sport activities for kids - greater than 5km from Sunnyvale (0612)

Opening in 2005, head instructorDave Sawyer has not only strived to bring quality martial arts training to the area, but has also put into place his dream of a true martial arts centre where members can train in different arts at the venue, all for one price.
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