Mini Golf for Kids

A simple course that will test your child's skills A simple course that will test your child's skills

Mini or miniature golf is like golf but on a miniature scale. It's fun, easy, and usually played with a putter and golf ball on a specially designed miniature course. Courses can be themed, but usually include challenging obstacles such as:

  • Humps and bumps
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Windmills
  • Bunkers
  • And more....
  • The aim of mini-golf is to get your ball through the course with the lowest number of attempts (shots). Mini-golf is also known as putt putt, goofy golf and crazy golf. It started in England in the early 19th century and very quickly increased in popularity. Still popular today, mini golf is particularly fun families as its joy and simplicity appeals equally to adults and children.

    Mini golf is an all year round activity for your family and can be played with a minimum of 2 players.

Information on mini golf for kids in new zealand

Is mini golf for your kids?

Mini golf is suitable for anyone old enough to hold a golf club, which makes it perfect for families and children of all ages. As well as being a fun family and kids activity, there are plenty of reasons why mini golf might be great for your kids. Mini golf can:

  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Help develop logical thought
  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Improve concentration
  • Teach patience

Most commercial mini golf courses are based around a particular theme. Some popular mini golf course themes include:

  • Pirates
  • Jungle
  • Nautical
  • Beach
  • Tropical island
  • Mining

Backyard mini golf

Some people build mini golf courses in their backyards. With a bit of creativity and imagination, just about anything can be an obstacle. All you need is a golf ball and a couple of clubs!

Mini golf is sure to provide tonnes of fun for your children, and might even spark an interest in playing golf as a sport.

Get your kids started

Mini golf courses can be found throughout New Zealand, so whatever your location there should be one nearby. Browse through the ActiveActivities directory or search Google to find a course in your area. With no skills or training required, all you need to enjoy mini golf is to find your nearest course.

Make sure you and your family wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothes when you embark on a round of mini golf. If the course is outside don't forget your hat and sunscreen. No other equipment is needed, as clubs and balls will be available for hire at the course.

Minii golf is usually an affordable option for family's looking for a day's worth of entertainment. A family of four can expect to pay around $35 for a game, including equipment hire. Group discounts are often available for parties. Most mini golf venues are open all year round with the exception of Christmas Day.

Popular courses can get very busy during school holidays so get there early to avoid long queues.

Stars and Events not to be missed!

Mini golf tournaments are organised regularly at a local level throughout New Zealand. The US Masters (or PGA Tour), managed by the U.S. ProMiniGolf Association, is the most renowned international mini golf tournament and attracts competitors from all over the world. The current US Masters champion is Ricard Lockner of Sweden. Unfortunately, New Zealand is yet to make its mark on the international mini golf scene. Who knows, maybe your child will be the first!