Breakdancing for kids

Little boy showing what he's got through simple breakdance moves. Little boy showing what he's got through simple breakdance moves.

Did you know that breakdancing for boys and breakdancing for girls are both called, B-boying? The term B-boying is mainly used within the community to describe the dance. Breakdancing or B-boying is a style of street dance that spread worldwide through to its popularity in the media. Get your kids into their dancing shoes and let them explore a higher-level of dancing through breakdancing for kids!

  • Category: Performing Arts
  • Approximate age to start breakdancing: 6 and older
  • Approximate price: $10 - $16 per 2 hours class
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: Tennis shoes/Trainers/Sneakers
  • This activity comprises of: Hip hop dancing and Breakdancing
  • Best period of the year: Any time of the year
  • School holiday programs available: YES/NO

A video of Breakdancing for kids

Kids enjoying a friendly breakdance battle.

Information on Breakdancing for Kids

Is breakdancing for your kids?

Are you looking for kids activities in New Zealand where your children can learn new but challenging dance steps? There are a lot of different types of dancing for kids available. Some children are into the more traditional type of dancing such as ballroom dancing, etc. and some on the other hand, are into the contemporary dancing types such as hip hop dance, etc. Breakdancing moves fall into this category. There are four main movements that can be done while breakdancing:

  • Toprock - refers to any string of steps performed from a standing position which relies heavily upon a mixture of coordination, flexibility, rhythm and style.
  • Downrock - refers to all footwork performed on the floor. It is normally performed with the hands and feet on the floor as opposed to the toprock.
  • Power Moves - refers to moves that rely mainly on speed, momentum, and acrobatic elements.
  • Freezes- refers to moves that involve “freezing” while in an interesting or balance-intensive position.

Get your kids to start breakdancing!

With every new endeavor it is believed that it is better to teach at an early age to develop strong foundations that will produce better and faster results in the long run. Breakdancing for kids mostly refers to breakdancing moves that are modified to fit the level and age of children.

Breakdancing is not an easy sport. It is a sport that requires physical exertion and athletic moves. Just like other types of dance lessons, breakdancing uses minimal to no equipment at all. Some of the basic things to prepare may include tennis shoes and breakdance music for an upbeat and steady rhythm, that let bboys and bgirls feel inspired and energized by listening to it.

There are breakdance moves that kids can do which are the simpler variations, therefore safe and not as complicated as their counterparts. Basic versions of moves make breakdancing a fun and somewhat challenging endeavor for toddlers and children alike. Basic breakdance lessons start at $10 - $16 per class, approximately 2 hours per lesson. A breakdance course for kids include basic toprocks, drops, footwork and freezes, which children should master in order to try other moves. Here are some of tips on how to start breakdancing for kids:

  • Ensuring your children’s safety. More than wanting kids to enjoy themselves through kids activities, parents need to ensure that children are safe while learning how to breakdance. When your children have begun going to breakdancing classes and lessons, remind your children not to overexert themselves and never be overconfident with new moves.
  • Looking for the perfect dance schools and dance teacher. There are a lot of contemporary dancing coaches and teachers, many of which will offer breakdancing. There are dance studios, dance schools and dance academies that offer dance classes for beginners, both adults and children depending on their age and skill level, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Although there are only a few steps to take before starting breakdancing, it is best to take your time and not rush preparations to ensure your kids’ safety. If you think breakdancing isn’t for your children, or for more information and tips on breakdancing for kids and other activities for kids and toddlers, please visit our ActiveActivities directory.

Let your kids gain better self confidence through breakdancing for kids!