Cello For Kids

Cello is just pure classical music. Cello is just pure classical music.

Are your kids looking for a musical experience that will really challenge them?

The cello is an instrument which is played by dragging a bow across four strings. A member of the violin family, the cello’s distinctive sound makes it a very rewarding instrument to play!

A video of Cello For Kids

A kid practicing cello with his teacher. See how magical this classical instrument is, and maybe not as boring as you may have thought!

Information about Cello For Kids

Will Your Kids Enjoy Playing the Cello?

Do your kids need to develop their patience and self-discipline? Learning the cello might be great for them. One of the more complex instruments to master, the cello takes time to learn but your kids may find that their hard work pays off in the long term with benefits including:

  • Improved rhythmic skills
  • Development of musical ‘ear’
  • Increased confidence through performing
  • Great opportunity to make friends as part of the musical community
  • Improved motor skills and hand strength

Do you live in a small apartment? The cello is a fairly large instrument and might be a bit awkward if space is limited! You don’t want to be constantly tripping over instrument cases so a small instrument like the violin might be more suitable for close quarters.

For kids who enjoy learning different types of music, famous suites composed for the violin cello include classical concertos and jazz and there are plenty of interesting solos to keep your child challenged.

Is your school aged child interested in playing the cello? Lessons usually start from 5 years of age although there are cello based activities for kids available online for younger children who are interested. Kids start with a smaller cello. To avoid wasting money it may be a good idea to rent your instrument until you are confident that your child is keen to keep learning.

How Can You Organise Cello Lessons and Events for Your Kids?

Search the ActiveActivities directory to find your closest music academy which will  offer cello lessons along with other musical kids’ activities including bands and recitals. Beginners’ lessons focus on bowing techniques, finger placement and music reading skills and progress to playing more complex pieces of music. As well as an instrument you will need to purchase a book of music (sheet) which will be recommended by your child’s teacher.

No music classes in your area? Try private tuition with an individual music teacher. Lessons generally cost around $60 an hour and you get the added convenience of in home tuition so no need for your child to lug around their instrument!

If your kids love music and enjoy a challenge, the cello could be the instrument for them!