Electric Guitar For Kids

Your kids will love playing solos! Your kids will love playing solos!

Could your child be the next Jimi Hendrix?

The electric guitar is a type of guitar that is plugged into an amplifier. The instrument of choice in most popular music today, the electric guitar is perfect for any child who aspires to be a rock star!

A video of Electric Guitar For Kids

When kids are learning to play electric guitar, it's important that they take the time to become comfortable with the instrument. Learn how to get a kid's fingers to match up with his mental learning of the guitar with help from a professional musician in this video on electric guitar for kids.

Information about Electric Guitar For Kids

Will Your Kids Enjoy Playing the Electric Guitar?

Does something more edgy than the school band appeal to your kids? The electric guitar might be a great way to introduce them to music while giving them the chance to learn the songs they really love. If your child is outgoing and loves performing, they will enjoy copying their favourite rock stars on stage. Shyer kids might prefer a less ‘out there’ instrument such as the acoustic guitar or bass guitar.

Learning the electric guitar can help kids:

  • Improve hand flexibility
  • Learning and memorising chords for songs can help kids improve their memory
  • Enhance their self confidence
  • Make new friends and learn co-operation through joining a band
  • Improve their understanding of music and musical theory.

What age to start? Kids can start to learn playing the guitar at any age from around 4 but the main criteria are that they can hold the instrument comfortably and have the hand strength to press down on the strings. It’s a good idea to start with one of the smaller sized children’s electric guitar and nylon strings when your child is young.

How Can You Organise Electric Guitar Lessons and Events for Your Kids?

Electric guitar lessons are available from a private teacher or at a music school. Lessons generally cost around $60 for an hour or $25 - $30 for a half hour To find your local electric guitar teachers search the ActiveActivities directory.

Don’t want the expense of private lessons? There are plenty of online guitar activities for kids your child could try which teach kids the basics and include tabs for them to learn their favourite songs. This can be a great way for kids to try out the guitar and see if they take to it before making a commitment to guitar lessons.

What will my child learn? Beginner’s lessons usually focus on basic chord patterns, tuning the guitar and finger picking techniques. You will need to purchase a guitar plus the accompanying electronic equipment such as amps and speakers. Short scale guitars usually cost around $150 but cheaper packages including guitar and amp are often available online.

Your kids will love releasing their inner rebel with the electric guitar!