Trombone For Kids

Trombone For Kids

Enjoy the distinctive sound of this popular brass instrument!

The trombone is a member of the brass family of instruments and is played by blowing into the tubing through a mouthpiece and moving a slide up and down to sound the notes. The trombone’s rich, mellow tone makes it popular in jazz and classical music alike!

A video of Trombone For Kids

A 5 year old playing "go, fight, win" on the trombone. Looks easy, doesn't it? Your kids will love it.

Information about Trombone For Kids

Will Your Kids Enjoy Playing the Trombone?

Does your child love music?
If they want to learn to play an instrument that is challenging and fun they might enjoy playing the trombone. The trombone is a popular instrument and a fixture in the symphony orchestra. There will be plenty of trombone based activities for kids and opportunities for your child to perform and show off their trombonist skills in their school band or orchestra. That’s what makes it really rich in terms of variety: slow and very classical or rhythmic and jazzy, your child will definitely find the way to play it the way they like!

Other benefits might include:

  • Improved creativity through music
  • Can promote co-ordination
  • Develops musical ear as children have to listen out for the right pitch
  • Playing in a band can enhance social skills and give kids a chance to make new friends
  • Playing a musical instrument may help kids with language development

Is your child too young to play the trombone?
Usually kids start playing around 5 or 6 but they can start younger. If your child isn’t ready, you can always teach them the recorder or another wind instrument to let them get the idea before they progress to the trombone.

How Can You Organise Trombone Lessons and Events for Your Kids?

Finding a trombone teacher doesn’t have to be a hassle! Check in our ActiveActivities Directory for your closest music teacher or trombone class. Trombone lessons usually start at around $60 per hour for private tuition and less for group classes.You can find other musical kids’ activities in the Performing Arts section of our directory.

Your child will need a trombone of their own to practise with and you can either purchase or rent an instrument. Renting is probably the most cost effective option in the beginning and it gives your child a chance to get a feel for the instrument before you make a financial commitment.  Trombones come in different shapes and sizes. There are two main types of trombone, tenor and bass and it is usually better for kids to start with a tenor instrument. 

Other similar instruments that your child might enjoy playing include the trumpet, the horn and the tuba. With a bit of practise you could have your own brass band at home!