Singing For Kids

All kids love singing! All kids love singing!

Does your child dream of becoming the next New Zealand music sensation?

Many kids love to sing, whether they like popular music, nursery rhymes or making up their own lyrics and music. Give your kids the chance to explore their talents with singing lessons!

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Singing needs a lot of practice and is not as easy as we might think. Here are a few exercises your kids could do to train and get better. But the best is still to take lessons as from 10 years old.

Information about Singing For Kids

Will Your Kids Enjoy Singing?

Does your son or daughter love to sing at home? If they constantly sing along to the radio and television they might enjoy taking singing lessons. Confident kids might even like to participate in auditions and contests while shyer types could be better off with musical kids’ activities which put them a bit less in the spotlight.

Singing can help kids in a number of ways including:

  • Helping kids develop musicality and an understanding of musical theory and practice
  • Increases confidence
  • Singing in a group is social and encourages teamwork skills
  • Can be a good way for kids to express themselves creatively
  • Can provide a constructive outlet for emotional release

There is no age limit on singing, very young children can be encouraged to sing nursery rhymes and singing as a recreational pastime or profession can continue well into old age. Formal singing lessons generally start around 13 for intense private tuition. You can take your child to singing lessons earlier than this but it is important to be aware that there is a possibility for the vocal cords to be damaged by too much strain at that age.

How Can You Organise Singing Lessons and Events for Your Kids?

There are plenty of singing schools located around New Zealand. A search on the ActiveActivities directory should help you locate the closest one. Singing lessons are a great way for kids to learn breathing, posture and musicality with an experienced teacher. They will probably be given vocal exercises to practise at home. Singing lessons usually cost around $50 for half an hour of private tuition, but group sessions are cheaper.

Does your child just want to sing for fun? Joining a choir or singing group might be a good way for them to meet friends and have fun without the pressure of one to one tuition. There are plenty of options for singing groups depending on what style of music your child enjoys.

Are you looking for singing based activities for kids that focus on other performance based arts like music and drama? Many drama schools offer classes in musical theatre or drama programmes which have a singing component. Some drama and singing schools even arrange singing parties for kids if you are looking for a great way to celebrate your singing-mad child’s birthday.

Even if your child isn’t hoping to be a singing superstar, singing lessons can be fun and a great way for them to make friends!

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